Up and Coming + Future Free BoomCase

We have been hard at work in the BoomCase Factory these past days! Thanks to everyone who is patiently waiting for their Handmade BoomCase to be completed. Its coming! 🙂

Our online store keeps getting sold out but we are trying our best to create new and exciting designs for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for all the support! In order to show our appreciation we will soon be offering some “Summer Special” BoomCases (low price – big punch) as well as giving away one or two BoomCases to one of our followers (Blog, Facebook, Instagram etc.). Stay tuned for details on how to win a Free BoomCase or two 🙂 Till then you can subscribe to our blog via email or connect with us socially (to the right of this post).

New BoomCases in the Que:

New BoomCasesboomcase-trunk-vintage-speaker-boombox-celluloid

New BoomCases In The Online Store:

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