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 by Miao L.
Great Memories
BoomCase Model: Two BoomCases

My BoomCases have given me a lot of cool memories! Thanks for your great invention.

Cheers from China.


 by Matt O.
Thank you!
BoomCase Model: DJ Special

Thanks so much!
Super happy about my purchase and was a big hit for Christmas. With thanks Matt

 by Brian H
Great Sound
BoomCase Model: Custom DJ Special


I received the case, great look and sound!

 by Dan A.
Extremely Happy!
BoomCase Model: Gentle Bruiser


The BoomCase arrived yesterday. Extremely happy with it, you guys really are wizards. Thanks very much for the service.

– Dan (Barcelona, Spain)

 by Chris O.
Absolutely love it
BoomCase Model: DJ Special Woodgrain
Picture Link:

I received my boomcase today. I absolutely love it. I just wanted to let you guys know. I love the colour. Thanks so much.

 by Long
Sounds amazing
BoomCase Model: 200 Watt Custom Wood

Thank you so much for the Boom, I love it! I’ve been meaning to email you, but i’m in the middle of a move right now. Once i get the new place set up with my boom, i’ll send you a pic. it sounds amazing!

 by Sanjay J.
Love it!
BoomCase Model: Custom Case


I bought a case for my wife about 6 years ago as a wedding gift. Suffice to say about the best gift she has ever had.

I can’t tell you still how much we love this thing. We have had loads of people in the UK just gaze it for ages.

 by William F.
sickest sound & power!
BoomCase Model: monster mini DJ special
Picture Link:

Omg !!!
I have the 1000watt diamond box speaker , Bumpboxx boom box
,Another suitcase speaker . I love music.

This by far is the sickest fucking thing it is awesome the sound the power and quality of build is perfection I fucking love it thank u will recommend u everywhere I own a food truck and see a lot of people u guys are the balls !!!!!!!

 by Emily J.
BoomCase Model: 50 Watt Train Case
Favorite Thing About BoomCase: Portable Sound

Love my vintage train case boomcase! Take it with me everywhere and easy to bring on trips too.


 by Jacob K
Love it!
BoomCase Model: Busker II
Picture Link:

Forgot to let you know the Busker arrived safe and well. The thing is absolutely amazing! Really love it and the sound is awesome! 😎🤠👍🏻

 by Elizabeth A.
Easy to use and portable
BoomCase Model: 50 Watt

My 50 Watt BoomCase is perfect! Not too heavy + loud and clear. Bravo!

– Liz

 by Jason
Sounds Amazing!
BoomCase Model: DJ Special

Love the DJ Special WoodGrain! Take it everywhere and sounds amazing.
– Jason

 by Amy R.
BoomCase Model: 50 Watt
Favorite Thing About BoomCase: Portable Sound

Love my BoomCase! Light enough to take anywhere. Sounds great too!
– Amy

 by Kilian M.
Love it!
BoomCase Model: DJ Special Wood
Picture Link:


Thank you very much the Boom Case arrived.
I love it!

 by Antoine
Best Investment I Made
BoomCase Model: Tech Bot V

Hello ! I bought the Tech Bot V on your website in late 2013 and I thought about giving you some feedback about it… It’s simply the best investment I made for partying and having fun with my friends but also people met on the go ! I must have made more than 200 parties outside in any given environment, from the beach to the forest, in town or by the river, at people’s houses or simple walking with or carrying it with people dancing in front… So many people ask me about it, where it comes from and how it works and I make sure to point you guys and your website every time hahah I take good care of it and still use it almost on a daily basis during summer holidays ! Cheers from France, and keep up the good work. Antoine

 by Barton B
BoomCase Model: Custom Case

Got the case. Love it. Thanks again sir. .


 by Stacy L.
Loving It.
BoomCase Model: DJ Special WoodGrain

Our BoomCase sounds great and def adds atmosphere to our environment. We’re loving it.

 by Sean R.
Looks/sounds amazing!
BoomCase Model: Custom Artist Case

Just got my BoomCase and it looks/sounds amazing!
– Sean

 by Chris P.
Exceeded my expectations
BoomCase Model: DJ Special Wood
Picture Link:


I received my Boomcase and it has exceeded my expectations in every way! Thanks so much for helping me with this product, it was worth the wait, and I can certainly see purchasing more of these in the future as gifts for friends and family.

 by Alex C.
Favorite Accessory
BoomCase Model: DJ Special
Picture Link:

It has held up very well, with over 3 years of intense work at house parties. It remains my favourite accessory 🙂

Alex from Australia

 by Brian O
BoomCase Model: DJ Special Mini
Picture Link:

Received today. Looks and sounds awesome!

 by Gennadii
Great Sound
BoomCase Model: BoomCase Barrel XL
Picture Link:

Hi Dominic.Today I received Boomcase. The parcel went about 6 days that quite quickly (to Russia). Thanks for an excellent sound.

Gennadii from Moscow

 by Elizabeth S.
BoomCase Model: Woodsmen
Picture Link:

Perfect size for portability + loud and clear for outdoor picnics or indoor parties! Love it.

 by Leilani
Amazing Service
BoomCase Model: Sammy WoodGrain
Picture Link:

Hi Dominic-

Thank you so much for the Boomcase! It arrived the other day and we’ve been using it non stop! The neighbors at my apartments must be wondering what all the noise is about… Great product, amazing service. Thank you again for taking the time to personalize it with an engraving. Thanks to your contact who made it happen. Means the world to us! We’ll for sure share a photo of it after our wedding in January!


Leilani & Ian

 by Leo G.
Superb Sound
BoomCase Model: Solid State
Picture Link:

The sound out of this thing is second to none! Vintage looks with modern tech. Cant beat it. Thanks guys!

—- LEO

 by Gene G
BoomCase Model: DJ Special Mini
Picture Link:


It is like Christmas morning here and I am smiling like an eight year old boy. This was absolutely worth the wait. This boomcase sounds amazing. Fantastic job Boomcase crew. Jamaica will never be the same. Chillin’ in the backyard around the pool will never be the same.


 by Darvis F
Best BoomBox
BoomCase Model: DJ Special Wood Grain Red

Just opened up the BoomCase and absolutely impressed!!! The craftsmanship is impeccable and the sound is even better than what I expected! I couldn’t believe the dynamics for the live recordings! I couldn’t be happier! A BIG Thank you to you and your team. Even more, thank you so much for your speediness getting it to me on such short notice! Will definitely be purchasing another one of your products in the future and telling my friends about the quality of your work as well as your professionalism!

Please keep up the stellar work!

Thanks again,


 by Jason
BoomCase Model: 200 Watt BoomCase
Favorite Thing About BoomCase: Sound quality

Amazing battery life and sound! Thank you!

– Jason

 by Matt Hille
Very Happy
BoomCase Model: DJ Special Wood Grain

I´m very happy with my BoomCase, it looks very nice and the Sound is amazing.

Thank you and all the best for you

Matthias – Berlin, Germany.

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