The Big Build.

We acquired a bunch of new Suitcases recently…But We have decided not to release these yet for custom orders. We have so many orders right now it is taking up to two weeks to get “heavily custom” cases out. Basic ones about a week….So in order to catch up/prepare for our upcoming press in Rolling Stone, Mens Journal, Playboy and GO we are going to be producing a bunch of ready-to-ship cases that will be for sale in our online store 🙂

Sorry if this is an inconvenience for anyone we just want to be able to make the best Boomcase possible and available to everyone. We are still taking orders on the cases already listed on the site.

Thanks Again and Please subscribe to our mailing list (to the right of this post) to be notified when new BoomCases are up for sale and when we will be releasing our new stock for custom orders.

Much Love,
The BoomCase Team

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