Tim Busschots – Transportation Professional – Belgium

Name: Tim Busschots

Location: Antwerp , Belgium

Work: Transport Business

Hobbies: Football

BoomCase: Stripe Monster ST-8 – 400 Watts

How did you find the BoomCase? I Was looking for a portable BoomCase.

What interested you in the BoomCase? The Classic look, handmade straight from the best region in the world, Cali!

What do you do with your BoomCase? Listen to music – I live in a remote forest in Belgium & when I use it outside, it’s even more impressive. The sound gets carried through the trees, really … I’m speechless.

Where have you taken your BoomCase? Mainly it stays with me at home or outside at my pool. Too precious to take it further away

When do you use your BoomCase? Every day, I also use it for my notebook sound through the bluetooth link.

Has the BoomCase helped you in anyway? Never witnessed the quality of sound so hard as from the moment I got my BoomCase. Anywhere I go and there’s music on, I mostly start complaining about how bad the quality is and then I remind myself how such a lucky bastard I am to have a BomCase. If I had the chance to run a nightclub, you guys could come and fix my sound system at all costs. Money would not be an issue.

Tim Busschots Belgium BoomCase Antwerp Outdoor Forest Speakers Sound System Europe Vintage BoomBox

Any stories you would like to share involving your BoomCase? Mostly that when friends come around they want to know where I got such magnificent piece of art and then I say 🙂

Anything else you would like to share to make the world a better place? Don’t save money, collect precious memories!