Julian Hine – Chromag Bikes – Canada

Name: Julian Hine –  DJ. J to the U

Location: Whistler, B.C. – Canada

Work: Sales and Marketing @

Hobbies: Music, Bikes, Skis, Skateboards, Music.

BoomCase(s): Rasta Boom, Horny Boom (now moved on) and Big Boss Man.

BoomCase Skating Skater Bowl BoomBox Whistler Canda LA

How did you find the BoomCase?  Initially a friend posted an online magazine article of Boomcase on my wall I think in 2011? When I saw that, I said yes.

What interested you in the BoomCase?  I love bringing music places, already had a few boomboxes and spend a lot on batteries! These just looked very cool and after looking into them more and realizing that they were not just stylish – but in fact we are dealing with audiophiles here! They sounds great and can be designed with a lot of power.

What do you do with your BoomCase?  I pretty much look for opportunities to bring the vibes! Post mountain bike ride tailgates, spectating mountain bike races in the woods (good beats bring smiles and motivate the racers!), outside on my deck, BBQ’s, days at the beach, pretty much anytime and anywhere. I think I get invited to things now just because people know that I’ll bring the jams!

I also use them on occasion to DJ a small gathering (usually linking 2 Boomcases. I have also used them at weddings to play the brides maid and bride march songs at the ceremony site.

Chromag Volvo 240 Wagon Julian Hine Rasta Chromag Bikes Whistler Canada Boomcase BoomBox Vintage Wedding Forest Wooden

Where have you taken your BoomCase?  Rasta Boom has been on a sailing cruise through the Windward Islands in the Caribbean, also to bicycle trade shows, many road trips too.

When do you use your BoomCase?  See above – Whenever I can!

Has the BoomCase helped you in anyway?  YES Just to bring the vibes! Also a great conversation starter, people always comment. When I use them to dj weddings, I joke that they get more attention than the couple getting married 😉

DJ Speaker Yoga Canada Whistler BoomCase Portable Speaker Bluetooth

Any stories you would like to share involving your BoomCase?  I had a new Boomcase that I helped custom design (I drew the plans for speaker placement and flashing red/gold/green led lights) it was dope and I loved it! Living in a world class ski resort here in Whistler, I had the opportunity to bump into a vacationing (award winning) Hip Hop producer ‘Player’ Swizzz Beats. He took one look and listen to my Boomcase and bought it off me right there. I told him about the company Boomcase and how he could contac them and design a fresh Boomcase but he insisted, “No, I’m an impatient man!” so I sold him that one that I designed – Horny Boom (I named it horny because it had a huge horn tweeter).

I kind of miss it actually, the flashing lights were dope. I did get replace it right away with a similar sized Boomcase without the lights. I need a new one now with the lights 😉

Swizz Beatz Mobile Studio Plane First Class BoomCase BoomCase Speaker


Anything else you would like to share to make the world a better place?

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

Bob Marley