Just Like You.

Yellow and Blue 200 Watt BoomCase. Measures Approx. 14″x16″x6″. Available. SOLD.


  • Mikko Alatalo Says


    Your cases are just amazing! There’s one thing I’m very curious to know:
    What kind of a power source do you use on most of your cases?

  • Adam Says

    I love both the smallness and the finish on this piece. No exposed hardware, and having the speaker form well-integrated into the case both make a huge difference.

  • Kate Says

    Ha-Ha its mine now!! and I love it!! They are total genius and beautiful too!!!

    • SiMo Says

      Glad you love your case 🙂

      A very important note that we have told every BoomCase’r is that make sure your boomcase is off at all times when not in use. And recharge it as soon as you can after a heavy day of use. It can recharged as many times as you like and also it can be left charging. The charger is fully automatic. We recommend charging it to full and then disconnecting though to save on electricity chargers : )

      This is all to keep you battery in tip top shape. If these simple steps are taken your case will last forever (or at least 8 years which is the typical life cycle of the battery we use. Longer than a laptops battery life 😉 )

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