Cyborg Monsters Available Soon

These 2 will be mashing their way through summer with thumping sounds coming out from their rare vintage speakers.

200-400 watts of power.

Watch out now because they will be going live in about 30 minutes…

Click here to see all available BoomCases


  • dozi Says

    Great looking BoomCases. And cool blog.

    We’re trying to gain support for a boombox-themed grassroots project in downtown Brooklyn this summer. We are finalists in an open competition and we need facebook votes (or “likes”) in order to win the chance to build a radio station themed on old skool ghetto blaster tunes. our concept is inspired by the history of hiphop, rooted in Brooklyn and NYC, and to act as a stage for future musicians.

    Please see the link to our published proposal, and encourage your readers to support this boombox project! They should click on the Facebook “Like” button.

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