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“Monster Masher”

Ladies Night

“Ladies Night”

“Slick Rick”

Business Gator ST-6

Vintage Wooden Tool Box

Samsonite BoomCases for Samsonite.

Tech Bot

Silver Delights

super mario lunchbox boomcase boombox thermos speaker bruno mars red retro

Super Mario Lunch Box with Working Thermos Speaker

Vintage BoomCase

Dual 12″ Woofers – 400 Watt – Tweed Stripe BoomCase

Independce Day BoomCase

Independence Day – 4th of July Special – 200 Watt BoomCase

Spruce Goose

Retro Gold

400 Watt – Dual 12″ Woofers Trunk BoomCase

“Rugged Reptile” – 200 Watt BoomCase

400 Watt Custom BoomCase

400 Watt BoomCase Designed for Maximum Outdoor Volume.

Cyborg Cyclops – Custom 400 Watt BoomCase

BoomCase 200 watt

200 Watt Custom Designed “Reptile” Samsonite BoomCase w/ Switches & Plugs on top.

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BoomCase Now Available.

The Fighter Pilot

Skyway 200 Watt Custom Boomcase

BoomCase Bot

Strat-o-Way Luggage Suitcase BoomCase

400 Watt Custom BoomCase – 12″ Speakers

Area 51 BoomCase

Area 51 – Only 250 pairs of these speakers Made. Very Rare.

Custom Rare “Round” BoomCase

Custom 200 Watt BoomCase


“The Cooler” 200 Watt BoomCase

Mighty Mini Gator Blue BoomBox

Mighty Mini Gator

“ChroMegaMan” – 400 Watt BoomCase

Custom Samsonite BoomCase w/ iPod Slot

X-Wing 400 Watt BoomCase

Power Raider

50 Watt Plaid Train Case with Subwoofer

Custom Plaid Train Case with Optional Square Subwoofer

200 Watt Custom BoomCase with Lucite Handle

“Thump M.A.S.H.E.R. 200 Watt 1950′s Army Issue Case.

Samsonite Briefcase. Custom.

200 Watt BoomCase w/ Speaker Grill and Vintage Stickers

200 Watt Custom BoomCase

“Ziggy Brown” 200 Watt BoomCase.

Flash Mob BoomCase Style!

Two 400 Watt BoomCases Designed for a Flash Mob Group.

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Mighty Mini – 200 Watt BoomCase

200 Watt Samsonite Alligator BoomCase


Lady Baltimore BoomCase

Yellow Subwoofer

200 Watt “Fat Boy” BoomCase

Custom Lunch BoomCase

50 Watt Custom JC Higgins BoomCase

“Double Mint” Custom 200 Watt Samsonite BoomCases.

Optioned Out Custom BoomCase.

“Wheary” Custom BoomCase

Samsonite Train Case with External Plug – USB – Volume Control

“Thumpinator 2 – T2″ All Wood BoomCase.

200 Watt Custom Cases

Custom 400 Watt BoomCase – 5 Speakers.


“Duck Duck Boom”

Custom “Amelia Earhart” BoomCase.

Gibson Guitar BoomCase with Space for Your Gear.

Custom BoomCase

Custom BoomCase with Speaker Grill.

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BoomCase Shoulder Strap Large & Medium

BoomCase Boombox

The First BoomCase – Double Sided

                See More Pictures in our Portfolio and Planet BoomCase Pages.

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